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Nuevo Latinos: “A Commitment to Culture and Success

January 30, 2014 11:27 am

“We come in peace…but we have you surrounded”.

Cheech Marin, referring to the massive population growth of Latinos in America iStock_000026869057SmallEver since the 1980’s people have predicted that Latinos would be the “next big thing.” Most of those predictions have panned out. There are a lot of us here, so the population and household formation numbers have met or exceeded those early estimates. From a business standpoint, Spanish language television has fared extremely well, but in terms of overall economic and political advancement; it has never really felt like things were materializing like many of us had hoped. In part one of my blog series, I explained why I believe the Latino phenomenon is changing in a big way and introduced my concept of the Nuevo Latinos. I shared some of the positive trends I have observed in my own circle and with a number of prominent Latino leaders. I also explained how these well­‐known individuals are guiding the Latino masses to greater heights and possibilities. In part two I will dig deeper in defining exactly what makes a Nuevo Latino and further illustrate why they are such a transformational force.

What makes someone a Nuevo Latino?

A Nuevo Latino is a state of mind and is my own characterization for successful and assimilated American Latinos who love their culture and who have a basic understanding of the exceptional political and economic power that Latinos have today. Let me break it down to a few bullets: